Year In Review 2000
This will take you forever to read, but if you want to know everything to know about Bales At Home Rehab this is what to read. It documents program and personal history, techniques used, successes, failures, therapies, doctors, attorneys, family, etc, etc, etc; basically it contains everything. This will educate you quite well, whether for just your own personal knowledge, or to help you help your own loved one who has a disability. You are welcome to use and copy any technique  I have developed  or designed.  I have,  and will continue to,  provide such information free of charge to help people help their loved ones (and themselves) enjoy a better quality of life. A full time caregiver's role is never easy; it is one of the most difficult jobs there is. If what I have designed helps other caregivers, then that is payment enough.... to know I have helped.