The book: Head Injury and the Family
The below pages are excerpts from the book 'Head Injury and the Family; A Life & Living Perspective' by Dr. Art Dell Orto, Ph.D.,  Boston University, and Dr Paul Power, Ph.D, University of Maryland.

The book was published in 1994. Our story was published in this book and was the first personal perspective in it.  The first 3 pages below are the introduction. The 4th page below leads into our story. Pages 5 - 9 is our story. Page 10 is the back cover of the book and lists Drs Dell Orto & Powers credentials.

We thank both Dr Dell Orto and Dr Powers for feeling our story was important enough to be included in their book, and that it needed to be told to educate others. Special thanks to my late bro, Capt. Francis (Doc) Johnson, English Professor, Wentworth Military Academy & College, Lexington, Missouri,  who encouraged me to write the first composition in 1990.

August 12, 2002: Dr Art Dell Orto has copies of Book #2 for sale. Our story does not appear in Book #2 but we are mentioned in the Preface since Book #2 was dedicated to us, and our good friends David and Val Collins. Book #2 was published in 2000. Go to my Guestbook to see what Dr Dell Orto has wrote, price, and his email address. He is selling the last remaining copies of Book #2.

BELOW IS OUR STORY PUBLISHED IN BOOK #1: (Click on Page to open)