Nikki (Wang. Junying)
Nikki 2002                                                            Nikki & her nephew Jacky, December 2006

October 2001 - May 2002 (Updated 11/ 2006 & 12/2008)

Nikki and I had an online romance from October 2001 to May 2002.  Nikki and I had communicated online by IM and EM, and by phone, and snail mail. This came to an end May 21, 2002; one week before I was to visit Nikki in China.  A few days later I was informed by her sister Junwei, and a business associate Mr Li, that Nikki had been detained by the Chinese Police on May 21st, regarding business dealings that were questionable.  For many months I did not know the details of the charges. In October 2002 I was able to read a newspaper report by the Chinese News Agency, Hangzhou, that alleged many serious charges against her and a business associate named Jiang. What we call in the USA 'white collar crimes'. In China it does not matter if you are innocent or guilty; if the authorities deem you to be guilty you are convicted.  Their Court system is not set up for a person to be able to prove innocence, but for the person to be sentenced. In November 2002 I received via email a letter from Nikki telling me she would have to spend time in prison. UPDATED 11/13/06 & 12/6/06:  Nikki is now free.  She has completed her sentence, and she is residing in Shenzhen again. Since early November we have been communicating, and discussing the events of the past 4 1/2 years, and continuing to getting to know each other again. I am glad she is free, safe, and re-building her life and business. I am also very glad her and I are back to communicating as we are; which in many ways is the same as we did before May 2002. (UPDATED 12/04/08): Nikki is now married to an American and plans to move to the States. I wish her and her husband the best, and I hope someday to meet them.