My Info Page

Michael W. Bales, Sr.
DOB: 02/20/1955
Military: U.S. Army Active 1972-1975; AR 1975-1978 (PHOTOS)
Education: Master of Sciences Degree: Healthcare Administration 2006;
Graduated Paralegal 1999;  Graduated Medical/Dental Assistant 1996;
COLLEGES ATTENDED: Wentworth Military Academy; Central Texas, Mizzou, AU

AWARDS: 1995 Kansas City Metro Area Symbols of CareGiving;   1996 Missouri State Assoc of LPNs Member of the Year

MARTIAL ARTS: Gray Sash, Lin Wan Kune Kung Fu 1975; Black Belt, 3rd Degree, Buki Jutsu 1975;

ADVOCACY / NFPs: former board member, secretary, and president: Missouri Brain Injury Association; former board member: National Head Injury Association Board of Directors (now called Brain Injury Association); former Ray County Missouri Red Cross Chairman; former executive director: Tri County Chapter of MOSALPN; former City of Hardin City Councilman;